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Hawatthia “Hi” Jones & Byron Benitez

Byron was born in Guatemala and raised in Inglewood, California. In 1989, while stationed at March Air Force Base, California, he became a Christian after studying with Hawatthia “Hi” Jones. After completing his commitment in the Air Force, Byron began his lifetime study of God’s word, preparing himself as a preacher, evangelist and teacher. He is currently a graduate student, an instructor in ITL (a preaching school in Guatemala), and a full-time missionary in Guatemala.

Hawatthia was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and raised in Lexington, Tennessee in a Christian home. Hawatthia, too, has dedicated his life to studying God’s word and to living it by serving others in various ways. He has worked for many years with teenagers, has preached in many campaigns and gospel meetings, and continues to serve God as a missionary in Guatemala, and as an instructor in ITL. He is currently a graduate student, and intends to be a lifetime student of God’s word.

Byron and Hawatthia have been working together in Guatemala since March of 2000. They work closely with Anibal Ramirez, a Guatemalan preacher whom they respect very much, and with many other Christians, in and out of Guatemala.

Forest Mill Involvement in Guatemala
Several members of the Forest Mill family have taken trips to Guatemala over the last few years.  The groups have primarily focused on medical, benevolence, construction projects, and conducting seminars for churches in and around Guatemala City.
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